Talent Center

Recruitment position: Industrial control product developer (3)

Age: 20-25 years old

Bachelor's degree

Full/Part Time: Full Time

Working place: Hangzhou

Annual salary: Negotiable

Other requirements: Familiar with reliability design/fieldbus control system/numerical control system/embedded system, experience in industrial control product design is preferred, fresh undergraduate graduates are welcome to come for interview and require relevant majors.

Recruitment position: electronic welder (2)

Age: 18-40 years old

Education: Junior high school or above

Full/Part Time: Full Time

Working place: Hangzhou

Annual Salary: Negotiable

Other requirements: good health, good conduct, no bad habits such as smoking and drinking; active and hard-working, able to bear hardships and stand hard work; more than 1 year experience in production line circuit board welding and skilled.

Treatment: Negotiable, pay five insurances and one housing fund; 8-hour working system, two days a week, holidays according to national regulations.

Tel: 0571-85022190 / 85022710

Fax: 0571-85022590

E-mail: hr@agemotion.com

Interested candidates can first send the relevant details to the above email address and then call for notification. The company will give an interview notification as soon as possible after review, and refuse to visit before that.