Adjustment principle of high frequency power supply for wire cutting

2022-01-14 11:18:51 admin 2

Wire cutting high frequency power supply is a processing method that uses molybdenum wire and conductive parts to heat the device with discharge current, and then process it into shape. In the process of spark discharge, voltage is a necessary condition for spark discharge, such as wire cutting high-frequency power supply. The high-power high-frequency power supply for manufacturing voltage is the three signal source of wire cutting machine and an important part of wire cutting machine. In today's article, the times automation editor will talk about the principle of high-frequency power regulation of wire cutting

Adjustment principle of high frequency power supply for wire cutting

1. The height of the workpiece is about 50mm and the diameter of molybdenum wire is 0.16mm. For cutting, the time of "set voltage adjustment" is generally level 2, the "pulse" switch is level 1 + 2 + 2, and the height of "wide pulse selection" is level 3. At the middle position of time interval fine adjustment, the display current is stable at about 2.0A (there is no "parameter selection" for instruments in different positions).

2. Determination of feed speed (determined by the controller): after determining the voltage, pulse, pulse width and interval, use manual short circuit and flash short circuit, then start cutting, adjust the frequency conversion position of the controller and record, so as to make 70 ~ 75% of the clips become the best in the contemporary era.

3. During the cutting process, when switching various states on the bobbin or turning off the high frequency, do not switch the adjustment state and break the wire at one time.

4. When the new molybdenum wire is cut for the first time, the resistance of the cutting current is treated to the time value. After cutting for ten years, the molybdenum wire is used normally.