How many kinds of stepper motors are there

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Stepper motors are also called pulse motors. According to the structure, it can be divided into: reactive stepping motor, permanent magnet stepping motor, hybrid stepping motor, etc.

(1) Reactive stepping motor: also known as induction, hysteresis or reluctance stepping motor. Its stator and rotor are made of soft magnetic materials. The large magnetic poles evenly distributed on the stator are equipped with polyphase excitation windings, which are evenly distributed around the stator and rotor.

Small teeth and grooves are distributed. After power on, the change of permeability can be used to produce torque- Generally three, four, five or six phases; Large torque output can be realized; Small step angle; No positioning torque in case of power failure; Small motor damping and long single-step oscillation time;

High startup and operation frequency.

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(2) Permanent magnet stepping motor: - generally, the rotor of the motor is made of permanent magnet material, the stator is made of soft magnetic material, the stator has polyphase excitation winding, and there are no small teeth and slots around the stator and rotor. When energized, the permanent magnet can be used for

The interaction of secondary current and magnetic field produces "torque". Most of them are two-phase or four-phase; the output torque is small; the step angle is large; there is a fixed holding torque in case of power failure; the starting and operating frequency is low.

(3) Hybrid stepping motor: also known as permanent magnet reactance and permanent magnet induction stepping motor, it combines the advantages of permanent magnet and reactance. The stator is the same as that of four phase reactive stepping motor, but the rotor structure is relative

Complex (the rotor is a cylindrical permanent magnet with soft magnetic materials at both ends and small teeth and grooves around. It is mostly two-phase or four-phase; positive and negative pulse signals must be provided; the output torque is larger than that of the permanent magnet type; the step angle is smaller than that of the permanent magnet type; there is no positioning torque in case of power failure;

Higher startup and operation frequency; A fast developing stepping motor.

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